Friday, May 2, 2008

Open government lessens crime!

We can always use a little inspiration as we fight for justice to provide perspective on what it is we are working for. While there have been riots over the immigration issue all over Europe, Marseille remains relatively calm despite the large variety of immigrants making it racially, culturally and religiously "France's most diverse city." All pillars of the citizenry have become extraordinarily politically engaged which has lent towards a pervasive sense of ownership and a comaraderie rarely known in modern democracies. The example in Marseille proves that an open, inclusive government fosters trust and accountability across the board and provides responsive leaders who ensure that basic needs are met before implementing window dressing (like subsidy packages). When social services needs are met, public safety needs diminish in response. You don't steal if you aren't hungry....and you can afford the time to be engaged in your community after your own basic needs are met.

Listen to this story and be inspired to help turn Austin into "Marseille on the Colorado!" (Or if such a metaphor is blasphemous in your world - how about just help make Austin Better Today!)

In justice and safety,
Debbie Russell,
secretary, Better Austin Today

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