Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Texas emissions data at a glance

Stats from the US Energy Information Administration
  1. In 2003, Texas was ranked #1 in the United States for most Greenhouse emissions, with 670 million metric tons of CO2.
  2. Based off of this data, Texas would be ranked #7 in the world for Greenhouse emissions if it were considered it's own country.
  3. For the registered 23.5 million people in Texas, there are 20 million registered vehicles. Of those, 1 in 4 are pickup trucks.
  4. Based on 2003 data, transportation accounted for 28% of all carbon emissions in Texas.

For the entire United States, Texas has the greatest concentration of the worst air quality for the next two days. This in April, before the summer road trip season begins and before air conditioners really start cranking up.

There is clearly a problem in Texas, and it is time we start to effect the change necessary to protect all of us and our environment.

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